Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Bunny

Redeemed!!!!! 3/6/2010

Gabby had her tear-duct tubes surgically removed on Wednesday. Once again, she had no fear, was patient in the doc office, a darling for the medical staff. Last time I whispered a little fantay/ meditation story that went with the bubble gum anesthesia as she drifted off on the table. Something about Barbie. This time she chose "orange!" as she scrambled up onto the operating table and flipped onto her back, like anesthesia gas is a treat or something. (Then again, if someone offered me a really good nap I might just get excited, too.)

But that's not what this story is about. It's about a moment of clarity in the car on the way there. Sometimes Gabby is so clear in her speech, and when it is, you get this glimpse inside her head. It must be fun in there.

"Mommy, you know what?"
"I think Daddy is the Easter Bunny."
"Really! Why is that?"
"He has pink ears."

I marveled at all this cognition and then realized she must have been looking through the family photos. Still, John does make a fine Easter Bunny.


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Kim Kolze said...

Hey Christine, I hope you remember me. I am so glad to have found you after all this time. Lots we could catch up on. It sounds like you have had a very very interesting venture to the middle east. Welcome home. My email is and cell is 404-784-4546. Quick catch up - I have two children, Emily 11 and Ethan 9 and we live just north of Atlanta. I'm a single mom, working in the IT field. I'd love to hear from you to learn more about living overseas and anything else you have been doing since our 20's.

Kim Kolze