Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I said to Kit, "You valentine's party and Gabby's is at the same time. What shall we do?"
""It's ok Mommy. You go to Gabby's party. You can come to mine next year."
That's love.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sometimes it helps when people don't know you. Today was the second Sunday we've attended Catechism at Our Lady of Mercy. Those who know Gabby in a classroom situation know that she raises her hand for everything. She doesn't have an answer, that we know of.  It's just that, well, people are raising their hands. Everybody's doing it!

But today, when the teacher asked if anybody wanted to stand in front and lead the class in the "Hail Mary," Kit raised her hand and was chosen. So Gabby raised hers, too, and up she went. And you know? She looked like a pro! 

We went to Mass afterward for the first time (at Mercy), and were surprised to learn it was the kids' Mass. The priest gathered about fifty children to the front of the church. Kit looked at me. "Go ahead," I whispered. 

"C'mon, Gabby!" She grabbed her sister's hand and off they went to join fifty complete strangers.  Of course, I went with them. Someone has to make sure Gabby doesn't escape. But on the return trip, she bounded off with about six rowdy older boys at the front of the line. I lost her. No one would know to grab her on the way out the door, or to wonder where her family was. My heart raced, there were so many exits, so many people, and Mass was going on so I couldn't yell for her . . .  all of this anxiety building in a matter of seconds, and then I found her: crossing herself and genuflecting as she entered the back of the church, a perfectly independent little angel.