Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mysteries of Halloween

Scary is . . . Mommy in a witch hat, but . . .

not scary is . . . Jack's preschool phys ed teacher, Ryan, who by the way is as big as a Mack truck and quite imposing out of costume.

How could our simple playground turn into pumpkin patch? Why is Jack the only child in his class with the destructive tendency to roll the pumpkins down the slide?

Why can't Gabby stay with me when we go anywhere, but she can freely walk a mile from and back to school in a Halloween parade? Why can't my daughter look at me for one photo?

Why is it that class parties, a trip to the park, and the YMCA Spooktacular, all in one afternoon, cannot beat a pile of leaves in your own front yard?

Why can't our Daddy be Darth Vader like the neighbors' Daddy?

And, finally, we need to know: can Halloween get any better than this?

Happy Halloween!!

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