Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waiting for Montessori

. . .and we are first in line on the waiting list, but in the meantime, Jack is going to a local preschool. I like the teacher. I thought I liked the aide. Then this morning, just when we entered the classroom . . .

Jack spied a small, brown moth on the floor. He crouched all the way to the ground as only rubbery children can, to inspect this gorgeous creature. The aide spied the bug, smashed it with her foot just under Jack's nose, and walked away, leaving the oozing pile of wings while she got a tissue to mop it up.

We'll be right there, Maria!

1 comment:

karey m. said...

i love i love i love.

it's like i just left your house in muscat. after offering to stir the playdough on the stovetop. and then realizing that it was harder than you made it look.

way harder.

i liked you instantly because you were strong and smiley. like you even more now. well done, you. xoxo.